We have built up a positive and empowering ambiance in our school, which has characterized us today. Making a valuable work culture has been instrumental in changing our approach and in developing into a dynamic cooperative learning school to set up our student for the difficulties of tomorrow. Moving far from the traditional educational system, we execute thorough, inquiry and expertise based learning, motivating our students to participate in significant, life-long learning. Our teachers and staff members are in charge of teaching and mentoring the learning of each student in our school, to guarantee that they grow up as smart and holistic learners.


Teachers at Victory World School will be given a remarkable chance to work in an innovative and co-educational school in compliance with delivering excellent opportunities. We are hiring teachers and staff members for our school for the new term. Our focus is to find passionate, energetic and experienced individuals who take teaching as a passion rather than a job.

If you also want to be a part of our dynamic, vastly growing learning community then please apply for the role you are most interested in.

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