Dear Parents and students,
Welcome on board. As you go through our site, you will find information about our education system and the experiences your child will accommodate. At Victory School, our main goal is to reinforce students learning capabilities through cognitive activities intended to empower them. At Victory School, our central goal is to sustain the interests and qualities of every kid, to ensure their passion prospers, to give a safe and secure ambiance for personal and scholastic development, and to tailor learning objectives to meet all social, physical, mental scholarly requirements of our students.
We are exceptionally glad for what we do – pleased with our education system backed by its own group of specialists and staff. Our inclination for experience-based learning where what we teach is connected straightforwardly to the world the individual knows, and our outright conviction that if you educate a child to think you show them to fly. We need our youngsters to be autonomous learners, self-starters who are happy being facing challenges and learning new things. We need our kids to trust in their capacity with the flexibility to adapt when things don’t generally go right-first-time, and we need them to grow up to be individuals who are never alarmed to meet people’s high expectations.
We think an ideal approach to knowing more about Victory World School is to come and see us and see our students leave their classrooms with a smile on their face and a fire for learning in their heart. Please go with us on one of the freshest and most energizing learning experience.
Mr. O. P Aggarwal