Academic excellence is an important part of our educational system but we also give focus to co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Our wide range of activities encourages students to polish their talent and showcase them to a bigger platform. We involve our students in co-curricular activities like project making, debates, presentation, model presentation, competition and quizzes and many other activities that act as a catalyst to academics. In this way, students learn how to connect their studies with the real life examples and they can use their learning in everyday life.

Apart from this, Victory World School also motivates students to showcase their hidden talents like dance, drama, singing, sports and other similar activities. It has been seen that extracurricular activities enable students to think out of the box and become more active. Those students who take part in such activities are much brighter, sharper and smarter than the kids who don’t participate in these activities. We understand this very well and hence we always host such activities to boost their morale.

During certain occasions, weekends or activity days, all these co-curricular and extracurricular activities are organized our students and teachers with the help of school management. Such experiences make students know their true potential and perform beyond expectations. By participating in these activities, students tend to become more creative, independent, reflective and resilient. The experiences which are gain with the help of these activities are unforgettable. These activities teach students how to handle multiple tasks at a single time, work in large teams and communicate with audiences.

Few of the activities that are organized by our school are singing competition, dancing competition, drama, races, art and craft, Yoga, sports and similar ones. Here at Victory World School, we give each student equal opportunities of gaining experiences and we pride ourselves in making this happen with the effort of our dedicated staff members. A range of valuable activities always waits inside and out of the classrooms giving students a diverse and extended learning experience.