“Education is not a preparation for life: Education is life itself.”

Victory world School , Greater Noida is a step towards a global initiative in education. It is the vision of the victorians that endeavours to ignite the fire of educational change among Indians, to place India on the fore-front of education on the global map and to bridge the gap between our country and developed countries in education and knowledge.

The 21st century world places an imperative demand on schools to venture out of their educational cocoon and adopt a proactive mindset to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The school is committed to imparting quality education so as to help children grow into successful human beings and imbue them with the confidence to be the catalysts of change.

The school aims to equip the students with the skills and competencies required in the 21st century. We understand that the new generation of parents want their “generation next” to be brought up in a global environment, discussing global concerns, acquiring global competencies and aspiring to be global leaders.

By giving wings to the students’ imagination and ideas, we endeavour to nurture global citizens who would emerge as world leaders in the future.

‘Higher , Stronger , Brighter ’, our motto, symbolizes and encompasses our vision of bringing the holistic development of the students and equipping them with the intricacies of the world.

Our mission is to create leaders of tomorrow
Education is not a preparation for life: Education is life itself.”