Sports and games are an integral part of life at Victory World School. We are energetic about building a solid feeling of character and our sports activities to empower all kids to build up the abilities of risk taking, basic leadership qualities, flexibility, speaking with others and team working.

Games, for example, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball and other games are a part of the educational program led by us. In our advancement program, we will offer a scope of games that kids wish to have practical experience in so they can master their skills and abilities. Our school has a large playground filled with all amenities necessary to enjoy sports and games. We lead our students and give them to play intensely against each other in chosen sports. Students that desire to play a competitive game for us can join specific teams and be a part of our sports and games club.

As a school with customary qualities, group games and the ethos behind them are major to our educational programs. Our point is to give students of all grades expansive, adjusted and improving P.E. educational modules. This educational module concentrates on various different sports and games that are intended to advance physical development and progress. All students are relied upon to approach P.E. with an inspirational disposition and buckle down in their lessons. Lessons are separated by assignment and result, guaranteeing that every student reaches their true potential.