Principal’s  Message


“If there is any institution that can legitimately claim to be worldwide, it is probably the school.”

“Sowing seeds of Values, watering them with ethics, and nurturing them with honest, traditions,harvesting them with strength of mind and thoughts, and hence cultivating plants of today into success trees of tomorrow”-It’s a Garden called School. According to me Schools are to foster a child’s rationality that could best prepare the child for the world,they would face when they grow up. In VWS we always have been a strand of educational thought that is- strengthening the child’s thoughts should be the chief business of the school and not just an incidental outcome- if it happened at all.

Parents and teachers have always played an important role in shaping lives of students but in the contemporary context our role has been rewritten as there is tremendous increase in Information,Knowledge, Opportunities and Competition.

Parents play the roles of originators and teachers play the roles of creators, the former are the later are the custodians. Hence, Parents and Teachers together are indispensable to create, shape, nurture, build and grow lives of students. Today students need to open up to doors of new awakening, new opportunities and new horizons. We forward a warm request to all parents of making a bond of compassion, friendship and trust with the facilitator at VWS to rewrite the success stories of their kid-assets. We are changing with times as we wish to bring change in your kid’s today and tomorrow.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Mrs. Poonam Gupta