Our school is sticking to the set rules and policies and we request our students and parents to cooperate with us in each possible manner. Our policies are divided into five parts that are

  1. Admission Policy
  2. Attendance Policy
  3. Curriculum Policy
  4. Counter-Bullying Policy
  5. Health and Safety Policy

Admission Policy
Victory World School has a strong expectation that the desired students get admission in our school without any hassle and can achieve their personal learning goal. Our purpose is to offer all-inclusive education to all students as per the Government rules. We believe that

  • Each student has a right to education.
  • They must be given an interactive learning environment and all their differences must be embraced by school staff and management.
  • We value the fact that each student is unique and hence focus on personalized teaching.
  • We believe that equal opportunities should be given to all students at all levels.
  • Students need to work in collaboration with their mates and have a peaceful environment inside the classroom.
  • All the expectation of students in terms of education and facilities shall be met by our school at all times.

Attendance Policy
We believe that a good student must not miss their classes unless it is highly required. Regular attendance is important as absence can affect the productivity of each student adversely. We pay full attention to the attendance of our students and have a strict attendance policy which says that

  • Any absence without permission is not entertained in any case.
  • Students need to regularly attend classes and maintain the minimum required attendance.
  • All the leave applications are to be signed by parents and class teachers.
  • Without the permission of class teachers, no student can take leave.
  • A report of attendance shall be provided to parents on a regular basis.
  • The Authorized absence of one day for emergencies and family issues can be considered if the problem is genuine.
  • The suspension is an unauthorized absence for all students.

Curriculum Policy
Victory World School pays full attention to the curriculum because we believe in the quality of education. We encompass the following area of learning for all students.

  • Focus on Linguistic because developing children’s communication skill is highly important. We ensure they have a good command over English for reading, writing and speaking.
  • We let our students be able to recognize the relationship of numbers and hence include mathematics in our curriculum.
  • Scientific learning is also equally focused by us so that students can understand nature and other matter. We allow our students to learn thins by observations.
  • As technology is the new face of education so based upon the grade in which a student is studying, we offer them a technological education.
  • We teach our student about human to human relations and human to nature relations. This area relates to the person’s adaptability in a new environment and new peoples.
  • Physical and mental learning is also a part of our curriculum because we believe a student should be fit by mind, body, and soul.

Counter Bullying Policy
At Victory World School, we believe that each child is different and have their own perspective towards life. Some want to remain to indulge with friends and some keep busy with themselves. Respecting the diverse nature of student, we are strict to bullying of any student on any other. We want our students to get an education in an environment that is free from humiliation. Our policy ensures that

  • Each student learns in a supportive and caring environment.
  • We ensure that each student is aware of bullying and the actions that can be against.
  • We expect good behavior from all students and do not entertain students with bad behavior.
  • We can cancel the admission of such students anytime.
  • We can take actions again such students and response accordingly.

Health and safety Policy
Students remain at the campus for long hours so their security and safety are important for us. Our health and safety policy ensures that

  • Students have access to first aid at school during any time.
  • Health issues are given priority and no student with any health issue is liable to participate in other activities.
  • Offer opportunities to students to take responsibility for their health.
  • Support to students who require additional care.
  • Seek parental permission during visits out of the school or any outings.